NotOnSunday: 24/6

NotOnSunday is a new creative playground founded by Mike Willows and Wayne Trevor Townsend. As part of their printed launch publication, 24 designers, artists and illustrators were invited to submit a piece based on the figures 24/6.

The run of 500 poster books printed by Identity Print will be available to buy, as well as selected screen-printed posters from the set. 100% of the profits will go to the Olive Tree Praise Foundation, whose aim is to transform the lives of children affected by crisis and conflicts in Africa.

The book launch will be held at Ranch Design on Wednesday 24th October from 6pm.


Blast were commissioned to produce a name, brand identity and marketing communications for ‘Strata’, a commercial property development in Staines.

The idea was developed from a three-tiered concept to reflect the three floors of the building, and to communicate three key themes, ‘Unique, Design, Advantage’.

The campaign was launched with a limited edition box which featured layers of information printed, embossed, foil blocked and laser etched into different materials.

Vitsoe archive

Vitsoe are making public their collection of photos, printed matter and other artefacts documenting their 50-year-old business.

For the past week (and ongoing), they’ve published daily one item from the archive, including so far: a promotional leaflet designed by Neville Brody in 1989; archive photos of Dieter Rams; and, my personal favourite, this promo recordsleeve for a live jazz performance in one of their showrooms.

Privacy International – Prospectus

Privacy International is a human rights ‘watchdog’ organisation focused on privacy intrusions by government and businesses. Having previously designed their identity, This is Real Art have produced this prospectus to outline the current work and future targets of the organisation.

The perforated cover, which serves a dual purpose as an envelope, keeps the content private until physically opened by the reader.